Our Family

We are a loving church family

We become participants by way of WELCOME  by making sure we show ourselves friendly to everyone who comes through the church doors and those we encounter at work, school and play.  We become participants by way of our WORK by inviting those we encounter on the street, the shopping mall, at work to church; by offering to pick someone up for church or praying for someone you know needs to be in church.  We become participants by way of our WORSHIP by taking individual responsibility to be the best worshipper we can be by the lifting and clapping of hands, lifting our voice, giving the Lord the tithe and a worthy offering, by sowing seed, by actively engaging in the worship experience and above all, living a holy life unto the Lord.  Become a worshipper to be emulated.

We encourage every church member and visitor to join us in the work as we seek to fulfill the call of God for this ministry.  Help us to glorify His Name!

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