Real Women Have Curves (RWHC)

The Real Women Have Curves Fellowship, which began in July 2005, was birthed out of a vision given to Pastor Pam Bowers-Smith, Founder & Director.

The notion behind the curves is that all women have them.  They may not be in the places we’d like, but all women have them.  We may not have physical curves, but we have spiritual curves.   If our life has been shaped in anywise by the hand of God, we’ve got curves.  Maybe your curves are neither physical nor spiritual, but life has certainly thrown you a few.  Bottom line we’ve all got curves and this fellowship was designed with “woman” in mind.

More specifically, within every woman there yet remains “the girl”.  We seldom give attention to the girl.  It’s the girl who remembers what it’s like to have fun; what it’s like to play; what it’s like to get drenched in the rain; what it’s like to dance and sing like nobody’s watching.   It’s the girl who knows how to forget about the pressures of the day.

RWHC was designed to speak and minister to the girl in us so that the woman can keep on living.  It’s designed to draw women from all walks of life, young and old; saved and unsaved;  of all colors, creeds, denominations and whatever!!!! to enjoy and celebrate and appreciate one another.

Our ultimate goal remains the same and that is to draw those who don’t know Christ through our love, fellowship, our witness and the word.  The Word of the Lord declares, “..To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Every RWHC Fellowship gathering is a time to laugh, a time to dance, a time to gather, a time to embrace, a time to forget, a time to love, a time to heal.  It’s your time!  It’s my time!   It’s our time!  Let the games begin.